Message From Dean's Desk

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers “Voltaire .

Good assessment is at the heart of a good education. Every single thing we do in the school has to be of a nature that we can explain to the children why they are being asked to do it.
Creativity is the process of taking an idea and applying it in real life. If our children are not creative, they can’t think outside the box and question what they can do? Innovation in the classroom and a creative mindset among the students are ideals to which LHL CBSE school aspires .To foster innovation and creativity, you have to allow students to be free enough to take their own way through the journey of education. It is not entirely about the mindsets of the school and its students; it must be in the expectations of parents, teachers too.
It is the joint responsibility of all the school stakeholders to build the student community since they have to face the challenges of Globalization in the 21st century .


T. Chidambaram