LHL | 3D-lab


Educomp 3D Lab-a collaborative platform was introduced on the lines that "learning is fun with 3D", however there is much more to it.3D Lab takes learning to newer dimensions and makes it more exciting and fascinating,while the learners are equipped with better understanding of complex concepts that are tough to visualize even by standard animations.A 3D lab in itself is a novel concept for schools,it makes learning so vivid,fascinating and gives roots to the students imaginations. No longer do the students have to grapple with visualizing complicated concepts and processes. It recognises the need to build anticipation for this virtual world of learning.The feeling of awe and fascinaton that comes when one sees the 3D demonstration,should come across strongly in the communication to render it that wow factor.3D brings with it the experience of not just seeing live examples, but enables students to be a part of it.

3d lab